Aero Foil International | Tool Building
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Tool Building


Tool Building by Aero Foil International

AFI employs ten (10) journeymen toolmakers with over 200 years of combined experience. We provide wax injection dies, ceramic core dies, plastic injection molds, and fixtures and gauges for the Aerospace and IGT turbine engine industry for foundries within the USA.

In addition to the aerospace and IGT market sector, we also manufacture tooling for automotive part producers located within Michigan. Based on the extensive experience of our employee base and our national accredited approvals for procedures, our customers associate Aero Foil International with the highest quality workmanship standards for Aerospace, IGT, and automotive tooling.

Our national accreditations include: AS9100D (2016(ISO9001:2015) and NADCAP for EDM.

Aero Foil International also belongs to the Muskegon Tooling Alliance (MTA) which was formed in 2006. This alliance includes a number of West Michigan tool and die companies. The reason behind this group is to share and utilize each of our technologies in design, machining, and equipment.